Bringing Reason to the Atrocity of Abortion!

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Hello, and welcome to AbortionReason.com. I have created this site to do just what the header says - to bring reason to this unbelieveable situation where we are killing over 3,000 of our own citizens every day (in the U.S. alone). Why is this happening? Why does it continue? What can we do to bring reason to this situation and try to stop the slaughter? That is what this site is all about.

So far I have created directories listing organizations that might be helpful in this effort. I also have some songs and other things that you might find helpful in your efforts to fight abortion. As this site progresses I hope to put up more and more things that will help us bring reason (and an end) to this horrific situation. Please contact me if you have any ideas to share in this regard (or if you just wish to say "Hi").

The big effort, however, is the Human Rights for All Ages Campaign. This is an effort to bring to world of 'human rights' activism around to advocate for the human rights of preborn human beings. In so doing, we who do advocate for the preborn will take our place as the true human rights advocates of our day. Then, and I believe only then, we will put an end to this horrific atrocity!

Ward Ricker
Eugene, Oregon

Go to the Human Rights for All Ages Campaign website and join up to bring the world of human rights activism around to protect those whose human rights are being most violated!

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